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Who we are
After finding it difficult to meet other singles within our academic peer community (i.e. others who graduated from the nation’s top colleges, universities and graduate programs) through traditional online dating means, we decided it was time to carve our own Pond out of the big Ocean.  Unabashedly, this is a website for well-educated singles to find others with whom they are intellectually compatible…to find their soulmates.  We believe this level of compatibility is critical to sustaining a long-term, committed relationship.

Once we narrowed the Pond, well, then we figured, we might as well go ahead and build the BEST online dating site possible. So, we’ve used feedback from individuals who’ve braved the online dating waters to:

  1. Create some unique search functions that will generate your BEST matches
  2. Implement functions to encourage a courteous and respectful online dating community – one geared towards individuals looking for “the One” NOT a “one night stand”
  3. Make sure the site is user-friendly and engenders a fun and welcoming atmosphere

What we do
Our Mission is simple: help each one of our verified members find love.  We do that by providing you with great search tools and great advice from trained experts.

Our Pond Criteria
At Pondigo, we certainly recognize there are many intelligent people who, for an infinite number of reasons, did not attend the schools chosen for our Pond.  We have the utmost respect for those individuals, but, we had to draw a line somewhere, and this is how we did it: utilizing recent US News & World Report rankings, we included:

  • Top 35 national universities
  • Top 35 small colleges
  • Top 25 business schools
  • Top 25 law schools
  • Top 25 medical schools

We also added 10 of the top international universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge), and a handful of top art and design programs (such as Julliard), along with some unique programs (such as Thunderbird, a top international business school).  As well, alumni with degrees in non-professional graduate programs (such as english literature or anthropology) from the top 35 national universities, are also included. Finally, from those lists, we removed a handful of schools who do not yet offer Lifetime Email Forwarding Addresses (LEFAs) to their alumni, since that prevents us from verifying them.  Thus, we stocked our pond, which we feel is sufficiently small to provide the caliber of potential mates our members are looking for, while at the same time being large enough to insure sufficient diversity (in terms of geography, personality, and so forth) and quantity, for our members.

We have maintained flexibility in our criteria by allowing those who feel their school has been overlooked to recommend it to us.  We feel this is particularly important given the fluidity of the US News & World Report rankings: a school that may have been Top 20 twenty years ago, may not be in the Top 40 today, but we’d certainly consider their alumni in their late 30s and above, as great candidates for Pondigo, and so we welcome those requests for inclusion in our community.

The Pondigo Difference
When  you decide to fish in the Pond, you have access to unique Search Features:

  1. Prioritizing attributes in a potential partner that are most important to YOU in YOUR search
  2. Including a personality testing and compatibility component via the trusted leaders in personality testing, using the Myers-Briggs® Assessment.  But, unlike other sites, we don’t give you a narrow set of results that we deem fit, instead we let you control how your personality influences your potential selections
  3. A courtesy rating that lets you know whether your potential date is really the kind of person you want as a potential mate
  4. A well-defined set of search criteria to help you best target your ideal match
  5. An ability to organize your search results via our unique Notepad technology

Pondigo also provides some other unique tools and benefits:

  1. Advice from a trained Myers-Brigg® Assessment expert to help you best understand not only what personality types you mesh best with, but also how to get along with all 16 types
  2. No winks, smiles, or other impersonal contact – our members are on this site because they are serious about finding a long-term relationship, so, we think it’s only appropriate that everyone communicate initially by email (or IM), with the greatest ability to express themselves…and, at no extra charge, find out when your emails have been read!
  3. Great photo cropping/editing/captioning tools and suggestions to help you put your “best face” forward, along with a custom set of photo privacy settings to help you best decide the speed at which you’re comfortable “revealing” yourself
  4. The opportunity to easily provide links to your personal social networking pages (facebook myspace, twitter, etc.) to those you are communicating with
  5. The ability to place your Favorites into Hidden or Visible categories, depending on how you want to use your Favorites
  6. Visible Paid/Unpaid status on each user’s profile so you know whether or not they are currently an active member on the site and truly available
  7. Rewards of free subscription time for helping us to continually innovate and improve the site!
  8. Special offers and rewards just because we feel like it!
  9. Updates on new site innovations from our Founders!

And of course, we offer many helpful standard online dating features, such as:

  1. Instant Messaging with other fish who are currently online, to help you make that Instant Connection
  2. Mutually anonymous email through the site…until you’re ready to take things off line
  3. Suggestions for dating safety
  4. The ability to create multiple sets of saved search criteria
  5. Mutual Matching and Who’s Viewed Me searches
  6. Respect for your Security and Privacy

And, well a host of other great functionality that you’ll just have to experience for yourself! Dive In!

Pondigo is currently looking for part time customer service representatives who are graduates of any of the schools within our verified community.  Individuals must enjoy interacting with people and be “problem solvers.”  No technical expertise is necessary.  If you are interested in, and qualified for, a position, please email your resume and cover letter to careers@pondigo.com.


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